We could never had made this idea [the All-American Celebration Event] without you.  Thanks you for General Burgoyne.  You were totally a hit and added a unique and neat element to the parade and after events...We look forward to working with you again next year.  Your support allowed us to expand on a great tradition and establish a new one for our City."
  —Kenneth Ivins, Jr.
                                                                               Commissioner of Finance
                                                                               City of Saratoga Springs

Photo by Dave Zunker
“Dr. Bruce Venter was entertaining and informative as General Burgoyne and his vivid interpretation captivated the imagination of our administrative team. I highly recommend Dr. Venter as a speaker and presenter for any leadership retreat or special event.  
Bruce led us through the thought processes and decision-making sequence of events of General Burgoyne during a critical period of the Revolutionary War from a first-person perspective. 
Every moment of General Burgoyne's visit was fascinating for the administrative team assembled today.  History was portrayed on a unique and personal level as the attributes of leadership and decision-making became alive for our audience.  Many important lessons were conveyed by Dr. Venter in a presentation that was relevant in today's world.  Dr. Venter did not let us forget the value of both communication and leadership style as they relate to critical decisions.  I highly recommend Bruce Venter for any corporate gathering.”

—Dr. Charles Maranzano, Jr., Superintendent
Dinwiddie County Public Schools, Virginia

General Burgoyne with Dr. Charles Maranzano, Jr.

Thank you so much for your participation in Goochland Elementary School's Colonial Day. Your expertise enabled our students to experience what life was like long ago. The excitement on each child's face and their eagerness to learn more as they traveled back in time was evident all day. The children have continued to talked throughout the week about all that they experienced as history was brought to life for them. The success of our special day is a credit to your willingness to share your knowledge with our students.

We so much appreciate your time and efforts to teach our children.

—Mrs. Glenda Hawk, Young Explores/Enrichment Teacher
Mrs. Dianna Gordon, Principal
Goochland Elementary School
Goochland, VA

As part of our study of the American Revolution, I invited Dr. Venter to give his portrayal of Gen. Burgoyne to my 8th grade history classes. His presentation was outstanding. Afterwards, the students peppered him with questions. In my opinion, they learned a great deal from the program.

—Steve French,
8th Grade Teacher, South Middle School,
Martinsburg, WV 

"Uniquely displaying his superb acting skills, Bruce Venter portrays 18th century British General John Burgoyne in a lively, entertaining, educational manner.  General Burgoyne comes to life and explains his times, his plans and just what went wrong with the British grand strategy in the Hudson River valley.  What a fun way to learn American history!!!!"

—Lois and Jim Ullman,
Williamsburg VA

"The Kilpatrick—Dahlgren Raid on Richmond" tour...if you missed it, you did yourself a disfavor!!!
Better detailed information about this ill-fated attempt to free Union prisoners from Libby prison and Belle Isle, and to capture the Confederate President Jefferson Davis, is not available without the expert knowledge of Dr. Bruce Venter.  Bruce spent years researching this endeavor, and once you are on this two day trip through rural Virginia, you'll surely appreciate what those troopers went through. As usual on Bruce’s trips, some surprises.  He did not disappoint on this one. A visit to the restored Rose Hill plantation near Stevensburg, VA in the vicinity of Culpepper, where Kilpatrick and his staff spent time and engaged in some entertaining.  A walk on privately owned “bottom land” along the James river to visit the location where it is believed Dahlgren tried to cross. And the “piece de resistance” a visit and tour of the magnificent B.Green mansion along Three Chopt Road in Richmond near where Dahlgren was repulsed by “homeland security forces”, was not expected but truly appreciated by all participants. These are details woven into his tours which are not considered usual or customary, but add tremendously to understanding what happened. Excellently prepared and executed, this is by far the best Civil War related tour I have participated in.  It truly takes you back in time.  Thanks Bruce and Lynne.”

—Wouter K. “Van” Vanderwal
LTC, USA (Ret).

"Bruce Venter is an excellent writer and historian who is very passionate
about his work. His writing style is clear, concise, and above all highly
readable; and his manuscripts are always well-documented."

—Dave Roth,
Editor, Blue & Gray Magazine

“Bruce makes history come to life by dressing in costume as British General John Burgoyne.  He visited my class and discussed the American Revolution.  He also came to talk about the Civil War from the North’s viewpoint.  This made it very different and interesting for the “Virginia” students!  He’s very knowledgeable about the two wars.”
—Sharon Harrell, Grade 5 Teacher
                                                       Isle of Wight County Schools, Virginia

Praise for Dr. Venter’s tour of Burgoyne’s Saratoga campaign on 2006 from participants:

“Super planning and preparations”

“Felt I learned so much about this battle.  Never would have seen all this by ourselves.”

“Great anecdotes—great speaker”

“First class, entertaining and informative”

“Very well organized”

“Really well prepared, enthusiastic”

“Truly outstanding”

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